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Billings Attorney Cites Ways to Fight Insurance Companies

In my book  “Your Rights, a Guide to Personal Injury Law in Montana,” I spent a good amount of time on the reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney for your case.   Much of my Billings attorney practice is focused on personal injury cases and helping people fight back against insurance companies.  Here’s a great example of why having a quality Billings injury lawyer on your side is crucial to a case outcome. This was a medical malpractice case where a defendant’s medical malpractice lawyer (think hospital, doctor, or insurance company) tried to bully the plaintiff’s expert (the guy on our side) by writing the expert’s hospital to warn them about his testimony. That’s a bit of lawyer speak, so here’s a more plain language version.

Plain Language

The person who was injured found a medical expert who was willing to say there were avoidable medical errors in their treatment.  The opposing party attempted to bully the expert’s employer (writing a letter) by suggesting the experts’ testimony could cause the hospital to be sued. No one likes being sued, so you can imagine the hospital would respond by pressuring their employee to not testify–even though the employee was in the right.

Expert Witnesses Hard to Find

It’s no secret that patients and their lawyers have a lot of difficulty finding physicians to serve as expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases.  Many doctors refuse to  testify in a patient’s favor, regardless of how negligent, reckless, or reprehensible the care provided. Among the doctors who do testify for patients, most only testify against doctors in other jurisdictions.  This adds difficulties in communication, scheduling, and travel costs. It also makes it harder for plaintiff’s lawyers to find experts, simply because we don’t know out of town doctors by reputation the same way we know local doctors. The reverse is true for lawyers defending malpractice cases. They call the local hospital and get a willing local expert almost instantly.  Don’t think the code of silence in the medical profession is dead at all.

Insurance Company Tricks

This is just one of the tricks I’ve seen used by insurance companies and their lawyers.  Without having an experienced Billings lawyer willing to fight for you and dig out the truth, the outcome of the case could be bad.   There’s a long list of reasons why you might want to hire a Billings injury attorney when it comes to any case involving injury.

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