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Oil Rig Injuries

When Tragedy Occurs, An Experienced Bakken Oilfield Injury Lawyer Can Help.

Bakken oil injury lawyerOil is a key component of the Montana economy and provides lucrative work for many people in the booming Bakken oil fields in Eastern Montana and North Dakota.

However, working on oil rigs is one of the most dangerous occupations there is.  Falls, equipment failures, explosions and other accidents can occur causing serious injuries or even death to the worker.  Injuries to oilfield workers can allow for worker’s compensation benefits.  Rarely, however, will worker’s compensation benefits come close to compensating the injury victim.  Owners, operators or contractors may also have responsibility for the worker’s injuries under Montana’s safe workplace laws.  These types of claims are outside of the worker’s compensation arena, and require the involvement of a Montana personal injury lawyer experienced in oilfield injury claims who can help an injured oil worker recover fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and physical injuries.

Attorney John Heenan is committed to helping injured oil workers obtain the compensation they deserve.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, John worked as an over-the-road trucker, forklift operator and teamster intern.  He is proud to represent hardworking people.


Oil Field Injury Causes in Eastern Montana and North Dakota.

Work in the oil industry involves exposure to products that are highly combustible and potentially explosive.  Gas leak explosions are the most dangerous oil rig accidents and account for the most fatalities.  Drilling operations present the risk of dangerous blowouts, while the production and processing of oil and gas can be affected by fire and explosions as well.  Additionally, the handling of heavy pipe and equipment puts workers at risk of dangerous malfunctions or mishaps.  While most individuals try to adhere to appropriate safety measures, the facts are that one’s safety is often in another’s hands.


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